Cherishers is a Living Wage employer! Cherishers is a Living Wage employer!

the living wage

Cherishers 811 CIC is a Living Wage employer.

The organisation, which is an independent Community Interest Company was created to provide Equal Employment opportunities within the area for local people who are either currently unemployed or have barriers to normal employment opportunities. Among our team are members who have disabilities, working mom’s, pensioners and people getting back into work who have previously experienced barriers to traditional employment.

Cherishers provides domestic, commercial cleaning, ironing, befriending and home care services for Rugeley and the surrounding area. Being a Community Interest Company, the profits generated from all of its commercial activities are used to provide free Home Assistance, Befriending and Social Care Community Services to the elderly and societies most vulnerable members.

During the COVID-19 pandemic and throughout the lockdowns we have been able to use profits generated from the commercial side of the business, to fund our Social Carers to go out and meet the needs of the vulnerable and elderly who were isolating.

The company has committed to paying each of its employees the living wage, which is £9.50 an hour.

CEO and founder of the company Julie Edensor, who oversaw the process, said: “As a responsible business, we care about our colleagues, clients and communities, and our living wage commitment to fair pay, is a visible marker of who we are, our values and what we stand for. Against all the challenges of the past year we are delighted to make this commitment to our dedicated staff. Too many workers in Staffordshire and across England are locked into poverty. Paying the real Living Wage loosens the grip of in-work poverty and helps ensure workers can meet their everyday needs.”

Cherishers 811 CIC commitment will see all staff and contractors receive at least £9.50 per hour.

The Living Wage is a pay rate calculated according to the costs of living and provides a voluntary benchmark for Employers who wish to ensure their staff earn an amount they can survive on, not just the minimum that the UK government offers.

With the pay gap between men and women coming under increasing scrutiny of late. One of the factors driving the UK’s gender pay gap is that women are more likely to be in low-paid jobs and sectors, such as administrative, cleaning and care roles. Cherishers 811 CIC’s commitment will see all staff and contractors receive at least £9.50 per hour meaning that our female employees are certainly going to benefit from the introduction of the real Living Wage. We are proud that being a Living Wage employer we are helping to narrow the pay gap too.

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