Coronavirus Contingency Plan Cherishers 811 CIC Coronavirus Contingency Plan Cherishers 811 CIC

Coronavirus Contingency Plan Cherishers 811 CIC

The current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which began in December 2019, presents a significant challenge for all businesses.

As an organisation we are following the guidelines set by the Government and Public Health England – who are currently advising to continue to provide the essential services that we do (we know this may change as the environment changes).

At present we are planning on all elements of our essential service being provided, the situation is being renewed by our senior management on a week-by-week basis. If the situation with coronavirus worsens, we will look to review the services that we provide with a view to minimising the risk of spreading the virus.

However, we will be implementing the following in our organisation moving forward (during the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak):

  1. If any customers have been feeling unwell, we would advise seeking medical advice and avoid coming into our shop or allow our staff / carers to attend appointments until you are fully recovered.
  2. We will be advising all our staff to use Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitizer before entrance is permitted to the domestic / commercial cleaning premises. We will be instructing all staff to wash hands continually during cleans and upon exit.
  3. Where possible we will look at changing our commercial cleaning times to a period where less people are gathered.
  4. We are encouraging our staff based on our premises (Ironers) to keep a metre’s distance.
  5. We will be instructing staff to wash their hands after money is exchanged.
  6. We are advising staff against all handshakes and hugging.
  7. We will be regularly sanitizing our shop daily and door handles frequently throughout the day.
  8. We will not be using any of the returned hangers until they have been Sanitized and will not be using returned plastic covers during this period.
  9. All our staff will be using disposable gloves during our cleans and home assistance service.
  10. We will not be using eco cleaning products during this period in our domestic / commercial cleans but will ensure all products are Anti-Bacterial (unless specifically requested by the client).
  11. We will stop our free sweets being offered in the shop during this period.
  12. Collection & Delivery team will now wear gloves during this period.

The safety and wellbeing of our staff and clients, is paramount to us at Cherishers 811 CIC. We have moved swiftly to implement any additional guidance during the coronavirus outbreak and it now is clear that businesses across all sectors will have new ways of working for the foreseeable future.

Cherishers 811 CIC has a detailed risk assessment, identifying measures to control the risk that COVID 19 poses to our staff, clients, their staff and visitors.

We have regular clear and concise communication with all staff, and they have been given the measures detailed in our risk assessment and how it applies to their work.

The points highlighted are:

  • The importance of handwashing. All staff are issued with a handwashing technique guide
  • The instruction to stay at home and self- isolating for 7 days if they experience symptoms of coronavirus. These include a high fever, cough, loss of smell taste. They must report these symptoms to us if they experience them.
  • Where possible they must avoid public transport and walk, cycle or drive to work or the office.
  • They must work at a 1 metre distance from other operatives and anyone on the client’s site. The 1 metre distance must be kept when they are working or on rest breaks.
  • Clients are serviced by a single cleaning / caring operative or cleaning / caring operatives in a fixed team. No rotation systems are used.
  • Those who are travelling together in vehicles must be from a household group, practice social distancing where possible, or wear a face covering with increased ventilation in the vehicle.
  • They must keep contact/ touch surfaces clean, by increasing the frequency of cleaning with disposable blue roll and detergent.
  • Operatives have also been issued with their own pen for completing signing in records.
  • The wellbeing, including the mental health of all that work at Cleaning Technique will be prioritised by encouraging employees to share any concerns they have.

All Staff at Cherishers 811 CIC have always had PPE in accordance with HSE guidance for our industry. This is now enhanced with the issue of:

  • A visor / masks for all staff to wear when working.
  • Different PPE measures have been put in place for certain specific sites, such as health and social care settings, or if any of our operatives have underlying health conditions.

Guidance for Working Safely during Coronavirus sets out responsibilities for individual businesses to have a clean workplace with additional hand washing facilities or hand sanitiser, switching to paper towels rather than air or roller driers and to increase the frequency of cleaning. We have these facilities at our head office and seek to assist our clients by:

  • Updating all our clients as to the measures being taken within their existing cleaning schedule, to maintain a high standard of cleaning and assisting with any increased requirements.
  • Making available hand sanitiser, antibacterial spray, PPE for all staff / team members.

As an organisation we provide a vital home assistance ‘Befriending Service’ to the elderly and vulnerable in the area who depend upon our daily assistance. By helping us adhere to the above you are enabling us to continue to provide this free service during this difficult time.

We are looking to implement the following during this period:

  1. Pick Up & Delivery service will increase for those that need this.
  2. We will be helping more elderly and vulnerable in the area who are not able to get basic supplies or assistance during this period.
  3. Keep the business operational for the benefit of our people both our staff and our clients.
  4. To review procedures and practices daily considering new information and keep
  5. staff updated and informed. Client requirements to be reviewed and responses tailored to support the client, our business, and our staff to ensure needs are met safely.
  6. All staff to be kept up to date with Government and NHS guidelines on keeping safe:Letters to be sent to all staff with key messages and links to websites.
  7. 1 metre apart – most of our cleaning is completed when clients have left the premises – reducing risk; staff to report any issues with keeping 1 metre apart distance.
  8. Regular Hand washing
  9. Protective gloves provided for all staff & team
  10. Advise staff to avoid touching face
  11. Advise staff to follow NHS guidelines of what to do if you or someone in your household shows symptoms: Link:;
  12. Risk assessments to be discussed with staff to ensure understanding.
  13. Review generic risk assessment and make any changes adaptions necessary for specific site & clients.
  14. Listen to cleaning staff if they have any concerns or recommendations
  15. Staff who are sick or self isolating: Keep in touch, establish nature of illness and dates to ensure no returning of work prior to government recommendations.
  16. Wearing of disposable gloves, aprons, and face masks for cleaning. These should be double-bagged, then stored securely for 72 hours then thrown away in the regular rubbish after cleaning is finished.
  17. Disposal cloths, mop heads to be used
  18. Using a disposable cloth, first clean hard surfaces with warm soapy water. Then disinfect these surfaces with Anti-Bacterial spray
  19. Pay particular attention to frequently touched areas and surfaces, stairwells and door handles, door plates etc
  20. Staff will wash their hands with sanitizer spray when entering the client premises as the first thing they do; and wash hands on leaving sites. Alternatively use hand sanitiser.
  21. All cloths to be washed at 90 degrees
  22. No staff to share food
  23. Do not share office equipment (phones, desks, IT equipment) – office-based staff.


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